ESTIEM - European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management

ESTIEM is the organisation for European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management, who combine technological understanding with management skills. Our goal is to establish and foster relations between students across Europe and to support them in their personal and professional development. Our network consists of 72 Local Groups in 28 countries, reaching out to 50 000 students


ESTIEM в России

ESTIEM – это единственная организация, объединяющая студентов, изучающих науки, связанные с Промышленной Инженерией и Менеджментом.
Наша цель – развитие отношений между студентами по всей Европе, поддержка их личностного и профессионального роста.
Непредвзятость, совмещение работы и веселья позволяют нашему уникальному духу ESTIEM преодолевать границы, улучшая, тем самым, взаимопонимание внутри Европы!

Europe 3D Russia

LG Moscow

16.09-22.09 2013

Russian furry hats, communism, bears, vodka, cold winters, and unshaved people are some of the most popular stereotypes about Russia and Russian people. Although most of these are just jokes, but some people really believe that Russia is still communist, and that bears walk around the streets.

LG Saint-Petersburg

Politics & Culture

We will start from  the largest city in Russia and heart of political air  - Moscow. You will get to know what is Moscow Kremlin about, how does it feel to be in the Moscow Metro and how to make MATRYOSHKA, also you will visit The Council of Federation.

Russia in 3 Dimensions

Economics & Culture

The city of culture is going to meet you with unforgettable city tour, then the challenge “Russian reall school - how to survive”  - guide for beginners , boat trip   "Neva river"...everything and even more is waiting for you in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg!


Baltic ReCom

6 members of LG Moscow and 3 members of LG Saint-Petersburg participated in Baltic Regional Coordination Meeting organized by LG Riga.

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Central Portal estiem.org

Central Portal estiem.org

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LG Saint-Petersburg

LG Saint-Petersburg

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